National Construction Pre-tender SMME entrepreneurial skills development in the fast lane

ACS/Tjeka JV is helping a leading roads agency to develop the entrepreneurial skills of many emerging contractors. This knowledge will enable more construction small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) to better be prepared to submit tenders in the road agency’s and other institutions’ future construction projects.

The South African National Roads Agency Limited is playing a central role in the transformation of the South African road construction industry. This while also addressing unemployment, inequality and poverty.

However, many of these construction companies need assistance and mentorship before, during and after the tendering phase. This is in addition to the knowledge that is required to execute the work correctly while making a reasonable return.

Tjeka Training Matters together with ACS in a JV was awarded a tender to provide the training based on their extensive experience developing construction SMMEs.

“This training assignment is intended to benefit 48 000 small-owned construction SMMEs over its three-year training contract duration. It is geared specifically at contractors with Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Grades of between 1 and 4 in the Civil Engineering (CE) and General Building (GB) category. Among the skills that these enterprises will gain is the ability to correctly price road works. This is one of the major focus areas of our training which will place participants in a better position to win contracts so that they can develop prosperous businesses,” Frans Toua, Chief Executive Officer of Tjeka Training Matters, says.

The training is formally registered with the Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA) and consists of 10 unit standards at National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Levels 1 and 2. Together, they count towards more than 80 credits. These unit standards have been selected from the Construction Contracting NQF 2 National Qualification (SAQA ID 20183). Enterprising individuals who have completed this training can, therefore, continue learning to obtain this qualification. In this way, they will be in an even better position to succeed as construction entrepreneurs by building on the wealth of knowledge that they have already gained. The participants that successfully complete the training will receive a CETA accredited certificate.

This includes the ability to tender for projects and manage construction resources. Moreover, individuals who have completed the course will be able to apply quality principles on a construction site and comply with the legal principles of a construction contract. The training also focuses on honing and refining entrepreneurial skills. Therefore, individuals who complete the training will be able to better manage their construction businesses, as well as identify, analyse and respond to suitable opportunities.

All participants in the training are required to complete classroom activities and homework, before undergoing an assessment to be awarded the unit standard.

To ensure that the training is as inclusive as possible, entrepreneurs are being referred to ACS/ Tjeka JV by municipalities and public liaison officials. They also learn about the training from advertisements in media; community notice boards; and communication channels that are used by municipalities and the road agency, such as

“A vibrant emerging contracting industry is essential for job creation and poverty alleviation. Importantly, it will help to transform the construction sector. Government contracts are the principal source of business for these SMMEs. Therefore, it is vital that they are able to secure this work and deliver a service that meets their clients’ expectations. SMMEs that are interested in the National Pre-Tender Training need to submit their valid South African Revenue Services (SARS) document, CIDB, Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), COID, Central Suppliers Database documents to,” Toua concludes.