Our Mission

Tjeka Training Matters aims to actively participate in:

  • alleviating the skills shortage
  • contributing towards career development of individuals
  • enhancing individual employment possibilities
  • the building and civil-engineering construction industries by providing quality training and development to all people of Africa

Internal objectives

Tjeka Training Matters strives to remain a leading training and development company that:

  • is profitable
  • operates nationally and internationally
  • provides training that is accredited by the Construction Education and Training Authority
  • networks with specialist organisations to provide the best possible service to stakeholders
  • develops and provides quality accredited training and development programmes that comply with South African Qualifications Authority requirements
  • actively participates in mentorship programmes after initial training to ensure maximum career development
  • develops own company personnel in line with individual expectations and industry requirements

External objectives

Tjeka Training Matters aspires to:

  • create and promote a lifelong learning culture among all stakeholders in the building and civil engineering construction industries
  • promote the career development of employees with employers in line with the Skills Development Act
  • actively promote the implementation of mentorship programmes with employers and other relevant stakeholders after initial training to entrench the skills acquired by individuals and thus maximise career development and improve productivity in the workplace