Tiber Construction and Tjeka Training Matters take training to new heights for prestigious public-sector development

Tjeka Training Matters, a leading registered private Technical and Vocational Education and Training college, is training 60 unemployed people from Thembisa for a Tiber Construction project that is being undertaken on behalf of a leading public-sector client body.

Compass Consultants, which facilitated the training and implemented the learnership on behalf of Tiber Construction, appointed Tjeka Training Matters to undertake the training. This decision was based on Tjeka Training Matters’ 20-year-long track record providing quality training to the construction sector throughout southern Africa, as well as its Construction Education Training Authority accreditation.

“Compass Consultants knew that we had the expertise and resources, including extremely competent practitioners, to successfully execute this programme, which involved training many candidates over a period of 18 months. Thus far, the training has been a resounding success, despite interruptions as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown that brought many construction sites to a standstill until it was eased later this year,” Frans Toua, Chief-Executive Officer of Tjeka Training Matters, says.

Training commenced in September 2019 and will be completed at the end of December 2020.

A total of 15 candidates are being trained in carpentry, 15 in bricklaying, 15 in plastering and 15 in painting.

Classroom theorical training was initially conducted in Thembisa, and the simulated practical and workplace training phases undertaken at the construction site.

Tjeka Training Matters’ Neville Carolissen and Vernon Geduld are providing instruction in carpentry; Gaidien Amadien painting; and Kassiem Davids bricklaying and plastering.

Leonora Chetty, Human Resources Director of Tiber Construction, says that the company only partners reputable training providers with a solid track-record serving the construction industry.

“Importantly, they must be reliable and committed to ensuring a positive outcome by prioritising the development and empowerment of our staff,” Chetty says.

“Moreover, Tiber’s training providers must be accredited and offer recognised qualifications; follow a quality-assurance programme to ensure the highest possible standard of training; and offer a variety of flexible skills paths. The training that they provide should also allow for Services Sector Education and Training Authority grants and South African Revenue Services tax rebates.”

Tiber Construction’s ongoing focus on quality training as a key component of business is evidenced by this leading building contractor’s excellent delivery and high quality of workmanship.

It has always been the company’s policy to ensure that all employees have the necessary skills, knowledge and ability to exceed performance standards as required for their jobs and those of the construction industry. This focus has provided Tiber Construction with a strategic competitive edge within the construction sector, especially during these challenging times for the industry.

Dishani Garach, Tiber Construction’s Human Resources Clerk, says that the company remains proud of the many employees it has helped develop vibrant careers in the local construction industry.

“It is exciting to see enterprising members of our team rise up the ranks and into leadership positions. We, therefore, encourage all employees to participate in accredited training programmes to improve their skills, as well as employment prospects for the future growth of the economy. These initiatives are complemented by our robust mentorship programmes that are designed to ensure that our staff stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry.”

Notably, the company places just as much emphasis on imparting its knowledge and experience throughout its robust supply chain, which includes qualifying small enterprises and exempt micro enterprises. Undertaken via its Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes, this emphasis has assisted many of the company’s partners achieve success in their respective disciplines. Tiber Construction is, therefore, contributing towards meaningful growth and equity and, in so doing, towards the long-term sustainability of the industry.

Toua concludes that he is proud of Tjeka Training Matters’ association with yet another prominent South African contractor that is known for delivering high quality developments.