Tjeka Training Matters and Roofing Academy have roof waterproofing and repair covered

Tjeka Training Matters, a leading provider of construction training, has partnered The Roofing Academy, the first to provide Construction Education & Training Authority (CETA)-accredited and South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)-registered waterproofing training. This training is being provided at The Roofing Academy’s state-of-the-art training facility in Roodepoort, Gauteng.

“Tjeka Training Matters is always looking to partner likeminded participants in the construction industry. We believe that The Roofing Academy is playing a very important role in formalising training in the waterproofing industry, a very crucial step in roof construction. A formal qualification in the field has been long overdue considering the importance of sound waterproofing, which protects the roof cover, trusses and ceilings, as well as the materials used to build the structure. Moreover, waterproofing safeguards the contents inside a building from potentially devastating water damage. Unfortunately, there are still too many examples of shoddy workmanship in the field, which undermines the reputation of the entire professional roof repair and waterproofing industry,” Frans Toua, Chief-Executive Officer of Tjeka Training Matters, says.

Tjeka Training Matters provides comprehensive CETA-accredited and SAQA-registered building trade-related Learnerships and Skills Paths. This is in addition to short courses that also cover carpentry, including the construction of roof trusses and ceilings, through to bricklaying, plastering, plumbing, tiling and painting. These various skills paths complement the training provided by The Roofing Academy. Meanwhile, Tjeka Training Matters’ partnership with The Roofing Academy will enable the company to provide an even more thorough training offering to contractors. As part of the agreement, both companies will refer their learners to one another’s academies so that they are able to further develop their proficiencies. By acquiring additional skills, learners will improve their employment prospects at a time when there is an acute shortage of skilled artisans. This is one of the fundamental goals of the partnership, considering the high levels of unemployment in the country.

“The demand for certified waterproofing specialists remains high as is evidenced by the many roofing contractors that continue to send their employees to our academy to obtain a recognised qualification in waterproofing. Together with those unemployed individuals who have approached us directly or through the assistance of companies, we have already trained about 150 people, notably many of whom were also women, since we opened our doors to learners two years ago. Bear in mind that our launch coincided with the outbreak of COVID-19, which thwarted many companies’ skills development plans. With the lifting of the lockdown and restrictions on the gathering and movement of people, we have seen a marked uptake in the demand for our training,” Leonie Adams, Training Manager of The Roofing Academy, says.

Adams says that the company decided to partner Tjeka Training Matters considering its more than 20 year-long legacy of providing quality construction training, which is in line with the demands of industry. Moreover, the company only specialises in construction training that is provided by skilled and experienced built environment professionals. In this way, the private Technical and Vocational Education and Training college has never diluted focus on the skills needs of the local construction industry. This means that learners gain a holistic view of the building sector, which includes an understanding of the importance of safety, health, environment and quality. The approach is very similar to that of The Roofing Academy.

The Roofing Academy was launched by JBC Roof Cover, a leading South African roof cover specialist, which is on a drive to raise quality standards in the local roof waterproofing and repair industry. Until the launch of the academy, there was no national certificate in waterproofing. As part of the second phase of the company’s strategy, more academies will be launched in other provinces. Notably, the academy in Roodepoort, which facilitates both theoretical and practical training, is a member of Master Builders Association North. The other academies will also apply for membership with relevant and leading industry bodies to ensure that they are always at the cutting-edge of best practice.

“By expanding our footprint in the same way that Tjeka Training Matters has over the years, we will be able to provide more opportunity for skilled and experienced waterproofing specialists to gain a recognised qualification based on our recognition of prior learning system. While the industry is saturated with fly-by-night operators and unqualified contractors, there are many individuals who have a wealth of experience in waterproofing and roof repairs who are helping to drive up quality workmanship. Achieving a qualification in their field improves their standing as professionals,” Adams concludes.