Tjeka. Your Workforce, Only Better.

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Since 2000, TJEKA has been delivering excellence to the construction industry through skills development and training for competent and productive workforces. Our contribution to our clients’ scorecard requirements for managerial, supervisory, entrepreneurial and technical skills development on projects across South Africa and in neighboring territories is tried, tested and unparalleled.

When facing the challenges of a harsh economic climate, many organizations implement cost-cutting strategies that significantly impact critical investment in long-term human capital returns. In fact, this is exactly where expenditure should not be undervalued; nor overlooked. An inspired, dynamic and energized workforce ensures not only marketplace resilience but genuine performance in a tough and competitive environment. Optimisation of your team’s skills and performance improves productivity and efficiency, and eliminates the unnecessary and costly burdens of inadequacy, inaccuracy and mediocrity.

How can you optimize with TJEKA? TJEKA offers unique, bespoke training services to meet your business model, management technique and overall business objectives.

Click on our interactive diagram to explore a variety of available services and training modules, and contact us for a free consultation in building the ideal programme to ensure that your team is not only the very best it can be, but to save you money, guaranteed.