Tjeka Training Matters and The Roofing Academy have partnered to raise the quality of workmanship in the South African building industry.

The Roofing Academy is the first and only to provide Construction Education & Training Authority (CETA)-accredited and South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)-registered waterproofing training. There is a high demand for workers and site managers who hold a recognised qualification in waterproofing to certify their skills. This is considering that it is a specialised field and an important step in roof construction, protecting the roof cover, trusses and ceilings, as well as the various materials used to build the structure. Moreover, waterproofing safeguards contents inside a building from water damage.

This training complements Tjeka Training Matters’ CETA-accredited and SAQA-registered Learnerships and Skills Paths, as well as short courses for various building-related trades. These range from carpentry for, among other applications, roof truss and ceiling construction through to bricklaying, plastering, tiling, painting and plumbing.

As part of the partnership, Tjeka Training Matters and The Roofing Academy will refer their learners to one another’s academies to provide a comprehensive skills development solution for the construction of roof structures and buildings. This will improve their employability, which is another important focus of the partnership.

Tjeka Training Matters has partnered with Upat SA to provide quality training in the use of renowned STABILA levelling and positioning tools, fischer fixings and Milwaukee products.

Courses will be provided at Tjeka Training Matters’ various training centres in the country and through its mobile units by facilitators who are skilled and experienced in the use of Upat SA’s products.

As part of this partnership, STABILA, fischer and Milwaukee products will also be used in Tjeka Training Matters’ various skills paths. These include learnerships, skills programmes and short courses. In this way, Tjeka Training Matters will expose new entrants, including emerging contractors and small, medium and micro enterprises, to these leading and state-of-the-art products that are used extensively in the construction industry.

Upat SA partnered Tjeka Training Matters based on the company’s long track record of supplying quality accredited training services to contractors, specialist sub-contractors and various trades in the building and civil construction industries.

Tjeka Training Matters will continue to nurture strong working relationships with leading participants in the construction supply chain to develop skills and competencies for zero defects on construction sites throughout southern Africa.

Gabion Baskets has partnered Tjeka Training Matters to provide practical training in the installation of its quality products.

Equipping communities located within construction project footprints with the skills they need to build quality gabion structures will also be a major focus of the partnership. This will assist principal contractors achieve their socio-economic and enterprise development targets, as well as bolster productivity and efficiency levels on their contracts.

Gabion Baskets appointed us as their preferred training partner based on our more than 20 years of experience providing high quality training to the civil-engineering construction industry. This includes training in the installation of gabion structures as part of our road construction training and enterprise development skills paths. It includes training small, medium and micro enterprises and community members in the correct installation of gabion structures on behalf of principal contractors on large road construction projects. These skills have helped empower many poor communities in the country.

The partnership will also enable Gabion Baskets to significantly accelerate training in the use of its products, considering Tjeka Training Matters’ extensive resources in the field of construction training. Training will be undertaken over a period of five working days and a toolset provided by Gabion Baskets for the installation of its products.

Master Builders Association North and Tjeka Training Matters have partnered to provide structured training to the South African building industry.

The partnership will initially offer short 20-day technical skills training courses in the building trades. They include bricklaying, plastering, carpentry, plumbing and painting.

Tjeka Training Matters continues to build long working relationships with leading industry bodies to bolster training in the South African building and civil-engineering construction industries. We are proud to be associated with the Master Builders Association North, which has many reputable building contractors operating throughout Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga, and Limpopo as members.

Led by a team of built-environment professionals, Tjeka Training Matters’ training programmes have been designed to develop a competent workforce that is able to achieve performance goals safely and in a cost-effective manner.

The training provided by the partnership is geared towards achieving zero defects by enabling learners to perform their jobs correctly the first-time round. This is in response to the demands of the members of Master Builders Association North for structured training that addresses the limitations of conventional skills interventions in the industry.