Tjeka’s learners are equipped for success

As part of the exit strategy after completing their training, Tjeka Training Matters’ learners receive start-up toolboxes, which are equipped with the best basic tools that they need to go out into industry and apply their new knowledge and skill either in an employed or self-employed situation. In agreement with the client, a leading mining company, individuals who recently participated in portable skills training, received their start-up toolboxes.

Among the tools in these toolboxes are STABILA spirit levels, similar to the ones used by Tjeka Training Matters during training sessions because they provide permanent accuracy, durability and ease of use. It is also important that learners know how to work with tool brands that are used extensively in the construction industry as is the case with STABILA spirit levels.

“Right from the outset, our learners are taught how the correct tool influences the type of work that they can undertake; the quality of their workmanship; the time they spend on a project; and safety on the job site. Considering the importance of tools to tradespeople, they continue to evolve and improve at a rapid rate. Tjeka Training Matters’ learners, therefore, also learn to keep abreast of tool development so that they can pass these advantages on to their customers when they join the world of work,” Rashaad White, a skilled artisan and one of Tjeka Training Matters’ facilitators, says.

For example, many of Tjeka Training Matters’ learners have also had the opportunity to work with a range of Milwaukee cordless power tool solutions during their training. Milwaukee is a global leader in battery technology, offering cordless solutions that range between the sub-compact M12, heavy-duty M18 and the world’s first MX FUEL range of tools. They exceed 360 battery-powered tool solutions designed to meet end-user needs on the jobsite.

STABILA, Milwaukee and fischer Fixings are made available to Tjeka Training Matters by Upat SA. This is as part of a long-term professional relationship between the two companies to promote quality workmanship in the construction industry.

White trained the group of unemployed members of the mining community in Rustenburg in basic plumbing. This is just one of a number of short courses that the leading private Technical and Vocational Education and Training provider offers as part of its portable skills training offering to the mining industry.

“There is a high demand for qualified plumbers in the country. These individuals now have the basic skills that they can build on as they undergo the extensive process involved in becoming professional plumbers. I am sure that they will be successful, considering that they have been equipped with the correct knowledge and tools to achieve their personal goals,” White concludes.