Training with a large socio-economic impact on Previously marginalised communities

Tjeka Training Matters partnered with Beulah Africa and Future Families Joint Venture (JV) to train 135 people in technical skills under the South African government’s Community Work Programme (CWP).

Targeted at unemployed and underemployed women and men of working age, CWP supplements livelihoods by providing a basic-level income security through work. It was launched by government to help address high unemployment in marginalised areas.

Running from January through to March 2020, the training was undertaken in brickmaking, painting, road repairs and paving.

Mzuxilile Kwele trained 20 people in the field of road maintenance in Maquassi Hills and Kassiem Davids 20 people in brickmaking in Moretele.

Davids also supervised the training of 20 people in brickmaking skills in Rustenburg where he was joined by Dienie Gaiden who instructed 40 people in painting skills.

In Ventersburg, Gaiden oversaw the training of 15 painters and Benjamine Mlambo 20 pavers in Madibeng.

Notably, the training was also connected to the upgrading of buildings within the various communities that it was conducted. Creches were repainted as part of the painting training and excess bricks that were produced for the bricklaying component were donated to the community members after the programme was completed. In so doing, this programme had a larger socio-economic impact by also benefiting communities and institutions in poor areas of the country. This is over-and-above empowering the participants with skills they need to pursue careers in construction.

Tjeka was awarded the contract to undertake the training as a specialist training provider to the southern African construction and building industries. Importantly, it is registered with the Construction Education Training Authority and comprises a team of extremely competent practitioners who are also able to manage many projects simultaneously.

Notably, the organisation received outstanding feedback from CWP’s Training Manager, Adiel Claasen, who said that Tjeka was very professional, quick to assist and accommodating.

She was also impressed by the way in which we conducted the practical component of the training, describing it as commendable and very well received by the learners.